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The Secret Diary of Jumpers for Goalposts

23 Jun

Dear Diary,

I hope that Joey finishes editing the film from the last Jumpers for Goalposts soon. Then we can add it here for you to see. I was a bit worried that the combination of world cup football and a beautiful sun-shining, blue-skies evening might get the better of us, but lots of lovely people came down to hear Hawks & Other Birds and make random stuff with us. Alex from Hawks & Other Birds is handsome, like a music professor, as well as being pretty talented. I really enjoyed his opening track where he looped his guitar sounds to make a backing track for his voice. I’ve heard people do that before, but don’t always enjoy it. Sometimes the looping process can seem more important than the sound, but that definitely wasn’t the case with Hawks etc.

Anyway, will write again soon, dear diary. In the meantime, here’s a photo from the June Jumpers for you.

Hawks & Other Birds live at Jumpers for Goalposts

Hawks etc