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Craft Creation

27 Oct

Here’s a delightful little number from Jumpers Past. A wonderful addition to The Gallery:

A craft creation made at Jumpers For Goalposts

A craft creation made at Jumpers For Goalposts

Put together back in the heady days of Jul 2009. Lord knows what brief these crafters were fulfilling, but look at the wonder they’ve created. Beautiful. If you’d like to create something similarly bizarre/disturbing/blasphemous then join us on the 3rd Thursday of the month and get busy with the googly eyes and glue.


Come along tomorrow and make one of these…

15 Sep Amazing robot craft creation, made at Jumpers for Goalposts

Amazing robot craft creation, made at Jumpers for Goalposts

We’ve got an amazing SECRET craft competition lined up. *WARNING* it’s a bit wrong.

You can see HHYMN play live and WIN ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


30 Jul
Pirate-y parrot from Jumpers for Goalposts

This pirate-y little fella was created at Jumpers for Goalposts.

In Anticipation…

12 Jul

In anticipation of all the wonderful bug-related stuff people will make on Thursday here is a classic entry from Jumpers past in The Gallery:

Craft competition entry at Jumpers for Goalposts

Leggy Eye Man was DEFINITELY a winner!

The Gallery

30 Jun

Dear Diary,

I am really looking forward to our next big Jumpers for Goalposts party on the 15th July. We’ve got a really interesting act lined up to play live and I can’t wait to see how he goes down. His name’s Jake Bugg. Good name, right?

Anyway, that’s not why I’m writing here today, diary, I’m writing because it seems such a shame that the creative energy poured into Jumpers’ craft competition each month has no outlet; it just shines brightly,¬†briefly and then that lovely light goes out. So, diary, I thought maybe we could celebrate it here and be like curators… in…

 The Gallery

A Jumpers For Goalposts creation

Our first entrant to The Gallery - will your work be good enough to get in?!


Love Bex