10 Dec


We have some very special and exciting Christmas News!

Jumpers for goalposts is going away for Christmas to HUNTINGDON STREET!

On 16th December, we will be joining forces with the Tether Gallery on Huntingdon street for their last night of Tether party PLUS Jumpers for goalposts.


If you haven’t been, Tether is an amazing place. It has installation spaces, a bar and a cool DIY TV STUDIO complete with bleacher seats for the audience (who could be YOU). Tether closes on the 16th forever and while there will be various footage of the place, it’s a real chance to get a last look at the iconic set-up while wallowing in Christmas indulgences.

This is how the night will unfold:

At 6.00pm Tether will be hosting and filming their quiz show ‘Black Swans’ and you’re all welcome to take part in that.

After the Quiz show, Jumpers for Goalposts will be helping to host their party with LIVE CHRISTMAS SONGS from some secret hand-picked musicians

Lots of Christmas music played very late into the night (Thursday is the new Friday and we’ve heard that they may be keeping the place open until dawn)

A craft competition that we’re all excited about because the room that we’ll be judging it in is going to look surreally beautiful when we’ve all finished.

DR BADGE will be there where you can each draw on a circle of paper and he will turn that into a REAL BADGE!

So Remember, on 16th December, head on up to Tether at 17A Huntingdon Street (map on their website) for Jumpers for Goalposts VS The End of our Tether.


(We will be back home, at the Alley Café on 20th January)


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