Elvis craft & Burly Nagasaki

24 Nov

Last week a crowd of crafters (what would be the collective noun for crafters I wonder? Leave your suggestions in the comments!) gathered to create unusual images of Elvis Presley and enjoy the music of Burly Nagasaki. The competition was roughly along the theme of “What is Elvis doing now? You decide if he’s dead or alive” and there were some great creations – finger Elvis, Elvis’ brain in a jar, Giant Elvis puppeting Burly Nagasaki, Elvis as the “Burger King” and so on. Fabulous. In fact, the Burger King one was one of my favourite ever creations (really finely crafted play-doh fries and everything!), and yet it wasn’t even awarded a prize. That means the competition must’ve been pretty strong. Oh, and Jim made a model of Templars burning down… too soon!

Burly wowed the assembled creative brains with a whirlwind trip through their Elvis-inspired album, recorded in February. Personal highlights for me were “Milkshakes at the Roller Rink” (50’s ish bubblegum pop), the scissors one where they snip the air in a very concentrated manner and the fabulous sing-a-long favourite “Burly Nagasaki” (woooaaooh).

Pics of the runners and riders, winners, crafters and burly people:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Burly for playing, to the Alley Cafe for hosting us and to everyone who came along and got involved!

Next month we are, for one month only, at Tether Studios!! More info soon!



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