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Elvis craft & Burly Nagasaki

24 Nov

Last week a crowd of crafters (what would be the collective noun for crafters I wonder? Leave your suggestions in the comments!) gathered to create unusual images of Elvis Presley and enjoy the music of Burly Nagasaki. The competition was roughly along the theme of “What is Elvis doing now? You decide if he’s dead or alive” and there were some great creations – finger Elvis, Elvis’ brain in a jar, Giant Elvis puppeting Burly Nagasaki, Elvis as the “Burger King” and so on. Fabulous. In fact, the Burger King one was one of my favourite ever creations (really finely crafted play-doh fries and everything!), and yet it wasn’t even awarded a prize. That means the competition must’ve been pretty strong. Oh, and Jim made a model of Templars burning down… too soon!

Burly wowed the assembled creative brains with a whirlwind trip through their Elvis-inspired album, recorded in February. Personal highlights for me were “Milkshakes at the Roller Rink” (50’s ish bubblegum pop), the scissors one where they snip the air in a very concentrated manner and the fabulous sing-a-long favourite “Burly Nagasaki” (woooaaooh).

Pics of the runners and riders, winners, crafters and burly people:

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Thanks to Burly for playing, to the Alley Cafe for hosting us and to everyone who came along and got involved!

Next month we are, for one month only, at Tether Studios!! More info soon!



18th November BURLY NAGASAKI!

10 Nov

Yep, that’s right, on Thursday the 18th November the Alley Cafe will be once again host to Nottingham’s finest music n craft night and we will be graced with the presence of the magnificent…

BURLY NAGASAKI!!!!!!!!!!!!
Playing LIVE
DJ Cat Lady on the decks
As always it will be FREE of charge to you lovely people.

On the third Thursday of August 2009, a very special thing occurred. A band, created specially for Jumpers For Goalposts, performed live. Using a selection of household tools, a tiny keyboard, a mandolin and a megaphone, a legend was born, as two people led a singalong about a made-up superhero.

The band’s name? You’ve guessed it… Burly Nagasaki.

Since then Burly Nagasaki – a duo of Joey on guitar and vocals and Theresa on drums and vocals – has sprouted a pair of rhinestone-encrusted wings and taken flight. They’ve written and recorded an album about Elvis Presley, released on their own record label, S’only Music. They’ve also performed this selection of charming, beautifully-crafted songs everywhere from Dot To Dot to the Hockley Hustle.

This is kind of what they look like:
Frankenstein & Snake Lady

This is your opportunity to see Burly Nagasaki return to their spiritual home; to find out anything you ever wanted to know about Elvis; and to get your craft on to a magical musical melange of rock n roll, indiepop, surf, art rock, electro…and maybe even to have a singalong about a made-up superhero.

There will also be a FREE creative competition with MEGA prizes, and DJ Cat Lady playing some blinding records.

It all kicks off at about 8.30pm, but feel free to get down early, bag a seat, and get some of the Alley Café’s lovely vegan tucker.

Burly Nagasaki on myspace

Hello Thor Records website

October round-up

3 Nov

Hello diary,

How’s tricks? Really, that good? I’m okay, yeah, thanks for asking. October’s Jumpers For Goalposts was a right laugh. There was a brand new glut of craft materials, thanks to Joey’s Mum. Thanks Joey’s Mum. Plus, we were in the company of four very nice folk who make music under the name Cecille Grey.

Cecille Grey playing live at Jumpers For Goalposts

Cecille Grey playing live at Jumpers For Goalposts

Some people complained that the competition was too hard. Others complained that the instructions were too long. True, they probably were. But they were rewarding too. Just like reading should be.

Anyway, for some reason that I forget, the competition was themed around the kidnapping of John Paul Getty III. Basically he got taken, the kidnappers demanded millions of dollars, his mega rich family weren’t that keen to give up millions of dollars, the kidnappers sent them young John’s ear in a box, the mega rich family reluctantly paid up (after some bargaining).

Dan suggested that the competition for next month should be “to make a spider”, and that it should be themed around “making a spider”. Maybe it should be, yeah. This month’s wasn’t though. This month, Jumpers For Goalposts contestants were invited to delve into the craft buffet and to demonstrate, through the medium of craft, who they’d like to kidnap, and what they’d send in a box.

An Alley Cafe full of people furrowed their brows:
crafters crafting

Fortunately these people seemed like reluctant kidnappers. Except maybe the shouty man in the corner, who wanted to kidnap the barman. A bit too close to home, shouty man.

Shouty man at Jumpers for Goalposts

Shouty man at Jumpers for Goalposts

The likeness here is seriously uncanny…
Barman at Alley Cafe, Nottingham - Jumpers for Goalposts
Still, after a lot of thought, and rummaging in the craft materials, the creation began. And while crafters crafted, Cecille Grey smiled, and effortlessly played their charming brand of slightly Gallic folk pop. It felt sophisticated, a bit like I was on holiday.

The drummer drummed his wicked drum box thing; the bass player played flawlessly, despite being squeezed into an impossibly tiny corner; guitars chimed; some beautiful use of a melodica did some sterling work in banishing memories of the last time a melodica was (ab)used at Jumpers; laid back vocals wafted dreamily amongst the crafters.

And then Cecille Grey judged the competition entries.
Cecille Grey at Jumpers for Goalposts

There were some mega Halloween-inspired mega prizes. The couple that won Zombie by The Cranberries on vinyl must be made up. Not to mention the guy that won a book with a skeleton on the cover. Scott and Sue won 50 trillion dollars and a bottle of wine, and the title of WINNERS for demonstrating how they would have dismembered Jeremy Beadle, using plasticine and a paper plate. The sickos.

Remember, 3rd prize is still a prize!
winner of 3rd prize at Jumpers for Goalposts
Delighted winners of second prize!
Second prize winners at Jumpers for Goalposts
Scott and Sue, winners of the magnificent 1st prize!
winners of first prize at Jumpers for Goalposts
craft sculpture of Jeremy Beadle's Hand

See you next month.