Jumpers for Goalposts September – Hhymn and George Michael

27 Sep


Sorry to be tardy with the update but we’ve just got the photos back from the Chemist and some of them didn’t come out, in fact, apart from a load of pictures of the Jumpers organisers and a LOAD of pictures of our very own George Michael, you may need to use your imagination.

Jumpers in September was excellent!

A few weeks ago, we toyed with doing a competition where we cut out a load of heads of these two gentlemen:

and the competition would have been to have made a model of what they DEFINITELY DID NOT DO in a twin hotel room. We had to abandon that one because the news story died.

George Michel going to JAIL  was still fresh so we set the competiiton to show how you would free George from prison, with  a note asking everyone to ‘be gentle’.

As ever the standard was really high but, as ever the winners were a mixture of Hard Crafters and people who happened upon the night.

This lady was particularly delighted to win a prize!

When I asked her partner what it was all about however, it was clear that he hadn’t read the part about being gentle.  That diorama is about what you think it’s about.

Our friend Jim, who gave us the funniest image of 2009, stepped up and disguised himself perfectly as George Michael

Just to be clear, that picture is not the real George Michael or even a perfect waxwork representation and the photo has not been altered in any way, just an amazing transformation.

Unfortunately, the chemist lost our pictures of the winning entry,which was pretty much a whole prison, a George and elaborate escape equipment which was won by this team of recurrant winners who always submit amazing entries and give equally amazing explainations:

Our musical guests  were Nottingham supergroup Hhymn,who pretty much amazed the room with their super-tight musicianship and Ed’s amazing vocals.  My favourite fans were the group of Eastern Europeans who came in during the set swigging from hip flasks and buying 4 CDs from the band (The band Cleaned Up on CD sales!).  I got scared doing the sound for a full(ish) band but it would have been impossible to make those guys sound bad (well, we could have left that mic feeding back making a hideous howl but you get what I mean).

Again, there are loads of handsome and beautiful pictures of Hhymn on the Chemist owner’s wall

We also had our good friends Hot Horizons DJing

By Christmas they’ll be famous rock stars and people will think we’re lying about them DJing at jumpers!

It was a lovely night again and possibly the calm before the storm as next month looks to be a biggie as town doubles in population with the return of the Students. So you may need to get there early to see the lovely Cecile Grey and join in with another Jumpers Challenge.

Until then,  I’ll leave you one of about a hundred pictures of the Jumpers team that the chemist didn’t steal, with our good friend GeorgeMichel

L-R Joey, Holly, Becky, Anders, Nick and Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou.

Until Next month…

Craft Hard….But Fair!


One Response to “Jumpers for Goalposts September – Hhymn and George Michael”

  1. Bex September 29, 2010 at 9:58 am #

    HAHAHA that picture of George Michael is hilarious. I know that chemist… I’ll see what I can do to get some more pictures out of him…

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