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Giraffe Night Down at jumpers for Goalposts

21 Aug

This month’s Jumpers for Goalposts RULED!

We set the Craft Competition to coincide with this guy’s attempt to collect  ONE MILLION pictures of Giraffes

Nick Jonah Davis, who also plays in The Escapologist played some beautiful acoustic guitar pieces, one of which was partly inspired by the unusual gait of the giraffe and partly by an African tribe who hunt giraffes to eat their livers because they contain psychadelic properties where the halucination is typically of hunting giraffes and eating their livers, which could be confusing.

Crafters pondered:

Crafters crafted

Joey compered with a Giraffe puppet

And after Nick Judged the competition,

we gave prizes, including a couple of completely fairly allocated prizes including some  to management representatives and friends of the artiste de jour:

The crsftes above explained thet their entry was ‘Fragile…like love’

Well, we noticed something we hadn’t spotted before about jumpers for goalposts, that a few people on dates had stumbled upon the night expecting to get to know each other over an awkward drink, thinking of questions that would reveal if it was true romance or not.  In actual fact a craft challenge is all you need to find out everything you’ll ever need to know a person and the first thing you’ll find out is that they have a medium sized to extra large heart for going along with the challenge in the first place.  Becky overheard the remark ‘I think it will be quicker if you do it yourself rather than try to explain to me what you mean!’.  For some , that’s the frankness you’ve been looking for all your life! So if you’ve got a date lined uporif you are asked by a friend about where to go on a date, we suggest Jumpers for goalposts.

While Nick was playing, it was a perfect soundtrack to watch people sitting around crafting and I realised what a lovely thing Jumpers for goalposts is. People really chilling out while using creative skills most of us stoppedusing when we were 8 and getting to hear some excellent musicians in a cool setting.

Here are some more Giraffes


a £50 Giraffe

11 Aug

Someone is VERY serious about their giraffes:


4 Aug

Thursday 19th August
From 8.30pm (but you can eat / drink / chill in the Alley Cafe from as early as you like)

The Great Jumpers For Goalposts Giraffeting Competition, with Live Music From Nick Jonah Davis

 Every month at Jumpers for Goalposts we hold a crafting competition where we provide a craft-buffet of paper, pens, googly eyes and all manner of brightly coloured materials aimed at appealing to 3-7 year olds. 
The competition is often very fierce and we use an independent judge (the performer of the night) so that when someone makes a costume, Tony Sourgrapes can’t come up to us with his pointy aggressive body language saying ‘you said in the instructions to make a ‘thing’ dressing up isn’t a ‘thing’! [really happened].
This month we craft local……..
                                                                                           ……..…but think Global!

We’re sticking our ‘necks’ out and joining in with to help them collect ONE MILLION pictures of giraffes.  Who knows why? They hardly seem to, but they’re going to need a LOT of blu-tac!
They have about 150 days left to do it and as long as 65,000 people come to Jumpers for Goalposts – They’ll be able to kick back and relax with it in the bag!
So, come along, bring any CHEATING supplies you like, orange wool, yellow material, natural growing bamboo canes, as long as it doesn’t originate from an actual living giraffe it’s all good!
As ever, there will be MEGA PRIZES ™ for the best ‘Giraffeters’ and you’ll get to join the hall of fame on this gradually emerging blog, as well as having all your entries submitted to the One Million Giraffes website.

That’s NOT ALL! We’ll also have LIVE IN CONCERT Music from Nick Jonah Davis who you may know from  synth-toting legends ‘Escapologists’ and his solo electronic project Stone 3.  Nick has recently produced his first solo acoustic album and we’re excited to hear what he’s come up with.

International Giraffe-making competition, Great Live Music, Lovely dinner and drinks in a nice cafe.


See you there,



Help us make One Million Giraffes

Can you make this out of googly eyes and egg boxes?